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Cambium ePMP 4600 6GHz 4x4 Connectorized Access Point Radio, FCC. US power cord. Requires experimental license authorizing the use in 6GHz

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ePMP[tm] 4600 Series Access Points

* High-performance, scalable and reliable access points for fixed wireless broadband

* ePMP 4600 features MU-MIMO for up to 4 Gbps in 6 GHz

* Low TCO with three-year hardware warranty

* Interoperable with all Force 4600 radios

Cambium Networks' ePMP product line has set the standard for high performance, scalability and reliability in harsh interference environments, all at a compelling price. The ePMP 4600 Access Point series is the fourth generation based on 802.11ax technology.

ePMP 4600 Access Points series interoperate with Force 4600 Subscriber Modules. A sophisticated scheduling and QoS engine combined with TDD synchronization allows the ePMP 4600 Access Point series to deliver consistently high-quality service plans to a large number of end users.

All ePMP 4600 Access Point series is managed with cnMaestro[tm], and networks can be planned with LINKPlanner. Both are available from Cambium Networks at no charge. The ePMP 4600 Access Point series is the first ePMP Access Point to operate across the 6 GHz spectrum. The ePMP 4600 covers 5.725 GHz to 7.125 GHz spectrum depending on local regulatory limits. For the FCC market, the ePMP 4600 leverages AFC (Automatic Frequency Coordination) services to comply with 6 GHz operation.

ePMP 4600

Featuring 4x4 MU-MIMO and dual overlapping sectors, the ePMP 4600 can transmit to two SMs at the same time. This effectively doubles the capacity of 2x2 systems and in the process, increases link budgets by 3 dB with downlink beamforming. Combining 160 MHz channels, 4096QAM and OFDMA the ePMP 4600 delivers up to 4 Gbps total aggregate capacity to as many as 120 subscribers. The ePMP 4600 is deployed with the 90º 4x4 MU-MIMO sector available from Cambium Networks.