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Cambium ePMP MicroPOP 3000 5GHz Access Point with Integrated Omni Antenna, RoW. US power cord.

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ePMP[tm] MP 3000 MicroPOP Access Point

The ePMP[tm] MP 3000 is Cambium Networks' MicroPOP solution for WISP's and Enterprise network operators. The MicroPOP MP3000, part of the ePMP portfolio, solves the need for injecting additional capacity where it is needed most as well as extending network coverage in a cost-effective, light-weight manner. For example, a WISP can expand coverage to a new sub-division or area of a village that wasn't previously reachable by the core ePMP network. Additionally, a WISP or enterprise operator may need to inject additional capacity to a small campus or enclave of buildings. The MP 3000 along with ePMP Subscriber Modules can also serve as a distribution network for wi-fi access points.

The MicroPOP MP 3000 is based on 802.11ac Wave 2 technology and can interoperate with any combination of up to 64 of the ePMP Force 300 series of subscriber modules (including Force 300-13, -13L, -16, -19, -19R and -25) as well as the Force 180/190/200 with backwards compatibility. Capacities of up to 600 Mbps are achievable with a range typically of one mile or 1.5 kilometers. The MP 3000 features an integrated omni antenna in a ruggedized IP67 enclosure.