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LinkedPro CAT5e and CAT6 UTP,FTP cable allows flexibility in installation, capacity for growth and ease of management. It is a high performance cable and completes the entire LinkedPro solution.


Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cable:

Simplest and most widely used twisted pair cable, without any type of additional screen and with a characteristic impedance of 100 Ohms.



Its objective is the physical interface to connect the points of the telecommunications room to the work area, adapting to the specifications of the IEEE 802.3i/3u standard in LAN networks with 10/100Base T/Tx data transmission with a performance that exceeds the 110Mbps.


Technical information:

  • Type: Copper Patch Cord.
  • Color blue.
  • Performance Level: Cat5e/Class D
  • Length: 1m.
  • Connector type: RJ45 8(8).
  • End termination 1: Modular plug.
  • End termination 2: Modular plug.
  • Cable type: Unshielded.