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Cambium PMP450m 5GHz AP, Integrated 90 degree Sector Antenna Access Point with cnMedusa Technology (RoW)

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PMP 450m Access Point - Cambium Networks industry-leading 450 platform adds Multi-User MIMO capability with cnMedusa[tm] technology

The PMP 450m Access Point (AP) with cnMedusa[tm] Massive MU-MIMO technology enables network operators to rapidly provide faster Internet connections to significantly more people, places, and things. cnMedusa[tm] will absolutely change the commercial wireless broadband industry.

Key Features:

* cnMedusa[tm] technology enhances sector capacity by combining a smart beamforming antenna array with multiple RF transmit and receive chains, effectively multiplying available capacity by more than three times.

* Capable of throughput of over 550 Mbps in a 20 MHz channel, and more than 1 Gigabit per second per sector when using a 40 MHz channel.

* Multi-User MIMO more effectively uses available spectrum by simultaneous transmissions to multiple subscribers, increasing spectral efficiency to more than 40 bps/Hz.

* Protect your investment in the 450 platform equipment by continuing to utilize existing Subscriber Modules (both 450 and 450i SMs work with the 450m and cnMedusa technology).

* Dramatically reduce the effect of interference with smart beamforming.

* SFP port allows for greater deployment flexibility, and AUX port allows for connection of camera or other PoE directly.

* The Limited Version can reduce capital investment until additional capacity is actually required. A simple license key can enable MU-MIMO operation when needed.

cnMedusa[tm] - Massive Multi-User MIMO Connectivity

Demand for connectivity is at an all-time high and growing. Availability of spectrum is throttling networks as users demand higher bandwidth services. cnMedusa[tm] a first-of-its-kind technology in a fixed wireless broadband access platform that provides Massive Multi-User MIMO (Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output) technology in a commercially available cost-effective solution. Massive MU-MIMO technology delivers ground-breaking spectral efficiency in a highly integrated package, while being managed from a single pane of glass in the Cloud.

GPS synchronization - Maximize spectral efficiency and frequency re-use across the entire network to get the most total throughput in the minimum of total spectrum used.

Planning and Management, LINKPlanner network design

* Utilize LINKPlanner to model an existing sector, then swap the 450 or 450i AP for a 450m, and accurately predict the capacity enhancement to expect before investing any money in equipment or resources

* Design PTP backhaul and PMP distribution networks quickly and accurately model connectivity solutions.

* Verify path performance.

* Identify specific equipment at each location to speed ordering and installation.