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RADWIN NEO-DUO HPMP HBS Base Station Radio with Integrated Antenna, supporting 5GHz up to 1.5Gbps capacity, Universal

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by Radwin
SKU RW-5AG5-9L54
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Particularly suitable for dense areas, NEO DUO is a dual carrier (radio) base station, each carrier feeding an independent beamforming antenna that provides best-in-class interference mitigation and wider coverage in areas with congested spectrum.

Light, compact, and easy to install, NEO DUO delivers up to 1.5Gbps over a 90 ̊sector and serves up to 128 customers.

NEO DUO features unique PrimeCarrier capabilities for ultimate downlink performance. PrimeCarrier dynamically selects the best and cleanest carrier per subscriber unit, to attain the highest possible downlink capacity, service availability and best traffic load balance between carriers.

NEO base station series highlights:

» Single and dual carrier
» Up to 1.5Gbps, 6Gbps per 4 sectors
» 25 ̊ bidirectional beamforming antenna
» PrimeCarrier capabilities
» Robust connectivity in congested spectrum » Frequency reuse -2 per network
» Over 500k PPS
» Up to 128 customers
» Built-in GPS
» WAN connectivity over SFP
» 4.9-5.8GHz