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Syscom Towers 10 ft Guyed STZ45G Tower Section for Areas with High Winds, Moisture Resistant Medium, Maximum Height 30 ft., Hot Dip Galvanized

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Product Manufactured Under ISO 9000 Standards

•Its lightweight structure enables your desired product to be raised up to 30 ft high.

•The product gets a dimensional revision. This means that each one of our tower sections is pre ensemble to ensure compatibility with its bolt, coupling, nipples, etc.

•Our product is hot-dip galvanized to ensure excellent protection in humid regions, coastal regions, or moderate corrosion environments.

•You don’t have to worry about compatibility problems. A model of the tower section bought with us a year ago will be perfectly compatible with the same model bought today, facilitating the union of sections (consult with an installation expert for older pieces)

Physical Characteristics:


•Maximum Weight: 1102 lb (500 Kg)

•Maximum Height: 30 ft (9.14 m)

•Wind Resistance: 125 mph (200 Km/hr)

•Material: Industrial tube 1, 1/4” (Cal. 14). Zigzag Diameter 3/8"

•Nipple: 4.72" (12 cm). 

•Face Width: 17.71" (45 cm)

•Weight: 58.42 lbs (26.5 Kg)

• Proportions: length 10 ft (3 m)

• Anticorrosion Protection: Hot-dip galvanization 

•Application: Outdoors (humid areas)

•Material: Steel

• Installation bolts included.